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Young Voices at The O2 Arena

Choir and School of Rock star at The 02


On Monday our choir and school of rock took part in the 'Young Voices' concert at the 02. They made up part of a 9,000 strong choir of children who had learnt some specially arranged songs to perform. It was a long day but the result was amazing. We arrived at the 02 at 2pm and rehearsed until 6pm. At 7pm parents filled the 02 and the performance began. There was singing, street dance, a live rock band and even a performance from the pop star Heather Smalls. We didn't get home until gone 10:30 (but luckily Mrs. Finn had said the children could have a lie in on the Thursday morning). It was a truly special event and showcased the amazing musical talent we are lucky to have at this school. A huge thanks to Ms. Talentino, and Ms. Beaumont for accompanying us (and providing some questionable dance moves) but also a huge thank you as ever to Mr Dalledone for the tireless work he puts in to creating a truly outstanding musical offer at St John XXIII. The pictures below show how impressive the night was, there are videos of us singing are on our school instagram page @stjohnwhitecity.