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Summer 1 Gallery 2022



Our summer topic is ‘Rounders’. Through play, we have managed to learn majority of the rules and are even managing to coach our own teams. The game requires a range of skills such as throwing and catching, coordination and speed, but most importantly TEAMWORK! 


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Maths- Theme Park project


Over the next few weeks, we will be using all of the mathematical and literacy skills we have learnt over the year to work in groups to design and build a theme park. The first lesson entailed using the brief to decided how many of each attraction we could have within our budget before designing the layout. The designs were colour coordinated and scaled down to size.



Our art unit has been 'William Morris'. We learnt about the Industrialisation period and how his designs were inspired by nature as many people living in London did not have gardens or access to nature so he wanted them to feel immersed. We continued by examining in close detail his wallpaper print designs, identifying features that are included in all that we must include in our own designs. We have worked on drawing accurately and intricately as this was something the children had picked out about his work.


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Our unit this half term is 'Work of the Apostles'. We started learning about Jesus' ascension and how the disciples would have felt about the mission he had given them before continuing on to learn about Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit was placed upon them. We used oil pastels to create our own representations of this.