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Working Walls


As a school, we have come away from static display boards that offer little to no purpose. Instead we have opted for ever changing 'working walls' that are used as an active resource within all our lessons. These act as a 'third teacher' and vital resource and source of support for the children when they are writing. These boards are added to throughout a scheme of learning and can develop the children's increasing independence in their wiring lessons and be used to support writing in other subjects as well - thus promoting that mastery level of writing. 

Every working wall has the following components:


  • Previous learning from previous years that is being built upon during this scheme of learning. 
  • Key vocabulary that is being taught in this scheme of learning. This can change each lesson. 
  • Vital lessons that will support the children's Big Write at the end of the scheme. By displaying these, the children have something to refer to and scaffold their big write. This includes discrete grammar lessons. 
  • Evidence of 'mini-writes' done throughout the scheme of learning.
  • Children add their own contributions to the board.
  • Purpose of Writing Table: Table split into the different genres of writing (Writing to entertain, persuade and inform). Within this table each class record the type of writing they have completed that falls into each of these genres. This can then be used in other subjects e.g. the children can use a non-chronological report in their history lesson or write a poem in the RE lesson. 
  • Their big write is displayed on the working wall so the children know what they are working up to. When they reach this stage in their scheme of learning the key features of this type of writing is also displayed.