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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2023

This year's Safer Internet Day took place on the 7th of February 2023, with celebrations and learning based around the theme ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’.  Children across the school celebrated with different activities from live assemblies discussing positive and negative points about life online to thinking about how to keep safe online.


What can you do to help keep your child safe online?


Take some time to discuss what sort of things your child uses the internet for.  These helpful online parent resources can support you in keeping your child safe online.  It is helpful to have open discussions about device use with your child so they feel they can talk to you about any concerns should they arise. 


  • What do you like about using your phone/tablet?

You can ask your child about their favourite apps or games, what they like using their phone for, or you can ask them to show you how to play or use their favourite game or website.


  • What would you do if something worrying or upsetting happened on your phone?

You can ask them about the places they can go to find the safety advice, find out what they know about privacy settings, and ask them how to report or block on the services they use.


  • How can we do more online together?

Ask your child about activities or games that you could enjoy as a family, this can be a great time to establish a family agreement to manage your families time online.


See the helpful links to parent guides to online safety below.



Year 1M's Online Safety Poster's

Y1 poster

Y1 Poster 2

Y1 Poster 3