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Safety Lockdown Drill

As part of our health and safety policies and procedures, the school has lock down procedures. On very rare occasions, it may be necessary to seal off the school so that it cannot be entered from the outside. This will ensure that pupils, staff and visitors are safe in situations where there is a hazard in the school grounds or outside the school in the near vicinity. A lock down is implemented when there are serious security risks on the premises due to for example, nearby chemical spillage, proximity of dangerous dogs, serious weather conditions or attempted access by unauthorised person’s intent on causing harm or damage.

In July 2017, teaching unions called for all schools to have a concrete protocol to be used in the event of a dangerous event happening on or near the premises, and in practice, more and more schools are adopting a ‘lockdown plan’.


On Tuesday this week, we carried out a lockdown drill in school. Having done a fire drill the week before, the procedure that was followed was very different. The children and staff were amazing. When the alarm sounded, all children and staff remined in their classrooms. Those who were outside doing PE, returned calmly to their classrooms. 


It is hoped we never have to implement the lockdown procedures for real; however, it is important that staff and pupils are aware of what to do and that children are reassured and kept calm.


Prayer for the  victims of the  daycare centre in Uthai Sawan

On 6th October, the world was shocked at the attack on a Nursery in Thailand. Thirty-four people, including twenty-three children, were killed in the attack.


Loving God,
Welcome into your arms the victims of violence and terrorism.
Comfort their families and all who grieve for them.
Help us in our fear and uncertainty,
And bless us with the knowledge that we are secure in your love.
Strengthen all those who work for peace,
And may the peace the world cannot give reign in our hearts.