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Year 4 Gallery Autumn 1

Viking Experience day

In our Viking experience day we started by writing secret messages with ancient Viking letters. Next we used the schools new now press play technology for an interactive Viking drama experience. We spent the afternoon making Viking boats , battle axes and shields and then using our props to create our very own Viking drama.

4M - Viking assembly

Science - Owl Pellet Experiment

Our Science topic is 'Animals Including Humans'. This half term we have been exploring different kinds of animals, grouping them into 'Carnivores', 'Herbivores', and 'Omnivores' based on their different diets. We have been exploring the different parts and functions of the digestive system and explored different types of teeth. We learnt that owls do not have teeth, instead, they use their sharp beaks to break up their food before swallowing it. We dissected an owl pellet, searching for the parts of an animal that the owl cannot digest. These included animal teeth, hair, feathers, claws, bones and even skulls! 

In Year 4 have been working hard to develop our oracy skills (speaking and listening) across different subjects in the curriculum. 


In RE this half term, we have been exploring early stories from the Old Testament and learning about significant figures such as Abraham, Joseph and Moses, and their call from God. We worked in groups to create presentations about the 10 plagues and presented our work to our class.

Art - Photography and Self-Portraits

In Art, we have been exploring well-known and local artists/photographers such as Steve McQueen and Khadija Saye. We have been exploring the theme of identity and what it means to be human; a theme at the heart of their own work. Taking inspiration from these photographers, we completed our own photography, taking it in turns to capture each pose! Here are some of our pictures! 

Problem solving and team work in Maths

In Maths we have been working with numbers to ten thousand! We have been recapping our knowledge of ways to represent numbers using a range of resources, as well as working in teams to solve a range of number problems!

Science - The Digestive System

Our Science unit is 'Animals, Including Humans'. We have been learning to name the different parts of the digestive system and explored each of their functions.