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Spanish Impact


Formative and summative assessment are used during Spanish lessons to ensure progress over time. Data gathered is recorded with the help of tracking documentation to demonstrate both attainment and progress over time as well as to identify gaps in knowledge in order to inform the planning of future lessons and units.


We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:


  • In Class/Lesson Feedback


We understand that feedback in linked to progress and has to be timely to make an impact. In class feedback is used to support teacher’s workload, ensure it is as immediate and timely and specific as possible, and leaves the teacher time to focus on individual identified needs. In Spanish, immediate feedback is provided to pupils to support them in developing their skills and knowledge within each lesson.


  • Corrective Teaching/Summative Assessment


When a pupil has not met the learning objective there is timely support so they are able to continue on the learning journey with their peers. Teachers adapt their planning for the next lesson to ensure there is time to address these misconceptions. Teachers support the children with small steps to ensure progress of a skill.


  • Partnership


Teachers engage parents through September welcome meetings. Parents receive updates through the school newsletter on pupils’ learning in Spanish and also through the use of ‘take-home bags’.


Additionally, Year 6 pupils work on a termly basis Pen Pal project. This project is conducted in collaboration with CC Beatriz de Silva in Ceuta, Spain. The aim of the project is to develop their writing and reading skills as well as become aware of how children around the world learn different languages as part of a multicultural and multilingual world.


  • School reports


School reports are issued at the end of the school year. Spanish is marked as Working towards National Expectations, Meeting National Expectations or Exceeding National Expectations.