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Year 2


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Miss Manley (CT) & Mrs Lucas (EYE)


We believe the root of all learning is found in our children's curiosity. We have worked hard to provide our children with a calm and thought-provoking learning environment which promotes questioning, conversation and a thirst to know more. As our children's interests change and develop so does our environment. We get to know our children by playing alongside them and developing their interests through a mixture of loose parts and authentic resources. We believe that all children join our family full of their own thoughts, likes and interests and it is our duty to nurture and develop these interests and to ensure they take pride in what makes them unique. 


We encourage our children to take charge of their own learning and develop their independence and perseverance. We do this by ensuring there is a wide range of resources constantly available to them and thoughtfully stored at their level. Our children are encouraged to explore and experiment with a range of textures, materials and tools to bring their imagination to life. 


We strive to provide our children with experiences that will stay with them and spark their imaginations. Our children are free to explore both our indoor and outdoor learning environments throughout the day. Our provision, found both outdoors and indoors, aims to develop the whole child through harnessing a wide range of skills. As a whole team, both staff and parents, we have donated a wide range of authentic and natural resources to be used alongside the children's play. We believe this has enabled us to open our children's eyes to new and exciting sensory experiences and helped our children learn how to respect their environment. 


Our children's learning is supported through a mixture of teacher guidance, direct teaching and child initiated play. As part of this our children receive weekly sports sessions led by our QPR coach, weekly music sessions led by our school's music teacher, weekly communication and language sessions led by West London Zone as well as daily phonics, maths, literacy and RE sessions. 


At the heart of everything we believe in the power of play. We are proud to provide our children with a space where they can feel safe to play and make strong bonds with both peers and teachers. A space where their accomplishments, creations and talents are praised and showcased. Children can learn from each other and begin to become aware of the range of cultures that make up our little family. 

To keep our environment full of curiosity and wonder, we rely on the use of loose parts and open ended resources. We love being able to introduce our children to new and wonderful treasures and so we kindly ask that if you have any spare items at home, to please donate them to one of the reception classes. Here is a link to a few examples of things we would be looking for.