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Wellbeing Week February 2022

The 5 way to Well-Being!

Well being week took place from the 7th February to the 11th February 2022. Across the 5 days, the children completed lots of fun activities to learn about their mental health. 


On Monday we completed our 'Secret Someone'. This was a focus on 'Giving'. We encouraged children to make something nice for someone. The children were all so happy with their gifts.


On Tuesday, we focused on 'Keep Learning'. In the morning Year 1 used the 'Now Press Play' headphones to learn more about animals. The children really enjoyed their fantasy adventure to a circus!


On Wednesday the children learning about 'Keeping Active'. We went on a walk to Wormholt park and had some fun together in the park. The children learned that exercise helps our bodies and our minds.


On Thursday we planted a class plant to focus on 'taking notice'. We also completed a class meditation different to our daily one. This is time to take notice of how our bodies and minds feel.


On Friday we 'connected' with year 4 classes to spend some time together to form new friendships and completed fun activities together!


Here are some pictures below!

Wellbeing Challenges!