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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Spring 2

Ash Wednesday

We attended the Ash Wednesday Mass at St Aidan's and in our RE lessons reflected on this period of Lent and why we are marked with the sign of the cross.  The children explained why this is important to them and what they thought about as the priest made the mark of the cross on them. This was one of the children in Year 6's reflections:


"When the priest makes a cross on my forehead on Ash Wednesday, it reminds me of when Jesus was fasting in the desert for forty days and resisted the devil's temptation.  It helps me reflect on the choices and sins I have committed. It is also a reminder of the beginning of time when we were dust and we will return to dust when we die.  This shows that we are all made equally and also that the beginning and the end are connected.  Lastly, it reminds me that I must pray everyday during this time and that I have the opportunity to make my relationship with God stronger and better."


Year 6 Secondary Transition MIND


On Friday, Year 6 took part in a workshop with MIND to prepare them for the transition into secondary school. The children discussed things they looking forward to about moving on as well as any worries they had.  The session gave the children lots of practical tips about managing this change including thinking about routines and practising routes to school over the summer.