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Starting School

  • Children pick up on our anxiety. Be as positive as you can about this exciting new chapter and save your tears until they're out of sight! 
  • Children thrive on routines and good sleep! Try to stick to a regular bedtime routine. 
  • Talk through with your child what their school day may look like. You can use our St John Story book to help with this.
  • Expect some mood swings and behaviour that is out of character in the early days. Be patient, give them space and this will pass. 
  • Keep listening and talk through any worries or concerns they might have about school. Reading stories about starting school or stories that touch on common anxieties is a great way of normalising how they are feeling. Stories also act as great conversation starters


Here is a link to our 'Starting School' story book you may wish to read with your child to help them familiarise themselves with what to expect when starting Reception.