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Spring 2

Year 4 trip to Holland Park Synagogue

Year 4 learnt all about Jewish worship and prayer. We had a look at what is found inside a synagogue and  discussed a few denominations of Judaism with the Rabbi. Year 4 enjoyed finding out more about the religion and studied the layout and features of this important place of worship. The children were amazed when looking at several Torah Scrolls decorated with ornate finials and crowns and they were very keen to examine these more closely. A parchment of scroll was passed around so the children could feel its waxy texture and study the Hebrew script, written from right to left.

Year 4 Last Supper Liturgy


The Last Supper is the final meal that Jesus shared with his apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion. Year 4 did a fantastic job at delivering a wonderful liturgy reminding us of all the sacrifices Jesus made for us. 

With profound respect and attention to detail, the students beautifully illustrated the significance of this defining moment in the Christian tradition.


Both classes commitment to understanding and sharing the message of love, humility, and unity portrayed in the Last Supper is truly admirable, reflecting their deep engagement with their learning. 


We congratulate Year 4 students on their outstanding achievements and acknowledge their commitment to enriching our school community with their faith and creativity.