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RWI Phonics Workshop

After school on Monday, the RWI teachers led a phonics workshop for the parents in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The teachers explained how the RWI programme starts in Reception teaching the Set 1 speed sounds and develops to children reading grey books independently at the end of the programme. There was a presentation to start then 8 stations around the hall which covered:


1) Set 1 – Speeds sounds, matching green cards and Fred talk

2) Set 2 – Speeds sounds, matching green cards and Fred finger spelling

3) Set 3 – Speeds sounds, matching green cards and Sounding blending books

4) Red words and Alien words 

5) Red, green and purple books 

6) Pink, orange and Yellow books 

7) Blue and grey books  

8) Book bag books & how to support reading at home   


It was a great opportunity for parents to further understand what phonics lessons look like in school and how this can be developed at home to support their child's reading journey. 


The workshop will be on again on Friday at 9am so please join us! 


If you couldn't make either workshop here is a link to the resources: