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Spring 2

Making Sundials

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Making Sundials

The sun always shines in Year 3! We used torches and shadows to create a sundial. Bit old fashioned...

Equivalent Masses (Grams and Kilograms)

Lots of investigating this week! We were tasked with finding equivalent masses.

Capacity - Non-Standard Units - Investigation

We began an investigation - why different containers cannot be used to measure capacity - this will lead into the children learning about why we use millilitres and litres.

Kilograms and Grams - Using a Weighing Scales

Children have been using a weighing scales to find out the accurate mass of objects in the classroom.

Year 3M Class Worship

Year 3M celebrated St. Patrick's Day in the best, most authentically Irish way - through song, dance and prayer. The children worked hard learning their lines and dances, and really did impress! Well done 3M.

Maths - Measurement - Mass and Capacity

Children began learning about measuring mass this week in Maths - they were encouraged to compare items using Maths vocabulary - like heavier, lighter and balanced.

Direct and Indirect Speech

As part of our learning in English, we covered direct and indirect speech. We sorted sentences showing the differences. 

Throwback! The children travelled back in time to the land of hunter-gatherers. The day was filled with lots of fun activities and delicious snacks.

What a day! We kicked off with Year 3F's assembly on Spring, followed by a whole-school assembly all about reading. Miss Kelliher and Miss Rawlings were joined by Virginia Ironside, a local author who has written books we have enjoyed at St John XXIII. The children received prizes for their writing and their creative costumes.


We had many activities in class, including dancing and sampling of different types of books. Finally, we ended the day by reading to Nursery, and were lucky enough to have some juice and biscuits to accompany it!

Year 3F's Class Worship - All About Spring!

Spring is a time of celebration, and Year 3 certainly did that today, with our class worship - all about Spring. Year 3F taught us all about Jesus' sacrifice and why we celebrate Lent as followers of Christ - reminding us of our fasts and why we choose to make sacrifices as Christians.


We finished it off with a poem by our own personal favourite poet Michael Rosen, as well as a lovely rendition of "You Are My Sunshine".


The children have worked hard for a number of weeks practicing their lines. Well done 3F!

Chatting with a Scientist!

Today Year 3 logged onto Great Science Share Zone - we were able to speak to real scientists! We asked them lots of questions and learned about their respective fields in Science.