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Vision, Curriculum Goals, 3 I's

Early Years Vision and Mission

Curriculum Goals


We have set ourselves Curriculum Goals that we will aim to achieve for your child to ensure they are ready for their transition to Year 1. These curriculum goals are based upon the Education Endowment Fund’s research into improving communication, language and literacy in the early years.

Our 7 Curriculum Goals are

  1. To prioritise the development of communication and language
  2. To develop children’s early reading using a balanced approach
  3. To develop children’s capability and motivation to write
  4. To embed opportunities to develop self-regulation
  5. To support parents to understand how to help their child to learn
  6. To use high quality assessment to ensure all children make good, or better, progress
  7. To use high quality targeted support to help children who are working below the expected standard

Curriculum Goals