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Evidence Me

What is Evidence Me?


  • An outstanding observation and assessment app
  • Works offline, with support for iOS and Android devices
  • Monitor coverage of curriculum areas
  • Automatic intelligent objectives selection
  • Instantly generates reports in a range of formats

Building a profile of pupils is crucial to understanding their needs, but it’s a process that relies on the evidence we’re able to capture and collect about them.


Evidence Me is a classroom capture system that enables you to grab meaningful moments while providing real-time evidence of learning that helps you improve the quality and consistency of formative assessment.

The idea is that you perform your assessment directly in the app itself, thus saving time. Via the camera on your phone or tablet you can take snapshots of learning as it happens, wherever that may be, and add up to 10 photos or videos to each observation.

The app is set up so that you can then tag your learning objectives and next step objectives. Cleverly, objectives for your observations can be automatically suggested – a dynamite feature

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