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Year 3 STEAM day

Beat the Flood!

Year 3 were tasked with the following:

We are a community living on Watu; a small island in the Indian Ocean. Over the past 5 years you’ve seen a massive increase in rainfall, causing many of the island’s rivers to flood at least twice a year. Your traditional homes made from earth floors, wooden frames and topped with corrugated iron roofs are regularly damaged or lost as they’re not designed to withstand flooding. As a group of islanders you want to beat the floods by making sure your homes are floodproof before the next rainy season.


Children had to design and test homes made out of certain materials - but the catch was - they were only allowed to use a certain amount of money!

Children had to draw on their STEAM skills to figure this one out - though teamwork seemed to be the trickiest thing to master!