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Spring 1

Year 3M had a wonderful experience day making pizzas at Pizza Express! Look at all the fun we had! 

Mental Health and Well-Being Week - The 5 Ways to Well-Being

How can we do this at home and in school?

Visit from GB Athlete Victoria Ohuruogu

How lucky are we! Silver medalist and GB Athlete Victoria Ohuruogu visited our school on Thursday and ran a circuit event for the children to take part in. They were exhausted!

Researching - Light Sources

We used the computers to research and identify different sources of light as part of our learning in Science. This enquiry skill allows us the opportunity to use secondary sources like books and computers to find out information.

Mental Health and Well-Being Week - Secret Someone

To celebrate Mental Health and Well-Being week, the children were set a homework task called ‘Secret Someone’. They were given the name of another person in their class and they were to make a gift for that person.



The idea is NOT to go and buy a gift or spend any money. Instead, spend time making a gift.

Year 3M Visit to Pizza Express

As part of our learning in DT, we took a visit to Pizza Express in Westfield. We learned about selecting fresh ingredients and how pizzas are made professionally. We got the opportunity to knead the dough, create our base and add our ingredients. Afterwards, we sat and ate our fresh pizzas with our friends.

Mental Health and Well-Being - Let's Connect

Our well-being ambassadors came to speak to us about ways we can connect with others and how we can look after our well-being.

Measuring Perimeter - Centimetres

We used rulers to measure shapes in centimetres.

Research - Big Write

Measuring Perimeter - Non-Standard Units

How Shadows Work

Shadow puppet theatre!

ARISE - Anti-Racism Workshops

Miss Lawton from ARISE came and spoke to our children on Monday. ARISE: Anti-Racism in Schools and Education, provides anti-racism training and workshops for pupils. Children gained an increased awareness of what racism looks like and what they can do to work towards stopping racism.

The Year 3 children were lucky enough to have some gardening sessions this term. The children used spotter sheets to identify various plants and animals and were even given the opportunity to look at a real bird's nest.

Centimetres, Millimetres and Metres - Oh My!

This week we have focused entirely on Measurement - specifically length. We have been using standard units such as centimetres, metres and millimetres.

Year 3F Visit to Pizza Express

As part of our learning in DT, we visited Pizza Express in Westfield London. This trip gave the children the opportunity to learn about selecting seasonal, quality ingredients, weighing them according to a recipe and then how these pizzas are made professionally.

Using Prepositions

As part of our Year 3 grammar, we focused on prepositions. We identified them in sentences and then rounded the lesson off with preposition bingo!

Measuring - Centimetres

We used rulers to measure in centimetres today! It's a key skill to have.

Measuring - Non-Standard Units

We began our new Maths unit of Length and Perimeter by measuring using different materials. We spoke about the idea of "non-standard units" - but problems arose! We figured out that we needed a standard unit - a unit that never changes. This will lead into our learning about centimetres and metres during the week.

Division with Remainders

Year 3 have been working tirelessly on division - especially with remainders. It's tricky, but we're getting there!

Using Mirrors

We have been speaking about how mirrors work in Year 3. Today we experimented with light and mirrors to see why mirrors are reflective.

We used torches to test how light reflected off different materials. We discovered that the best reflectors are shiny, smooth surfaces!

Multiplication (with exchange)!

We used Base Ten to build our multiplication sentences. Exchanging is tricky, but the Base Ten helps us to figure it out.

Introducing Ourselves in Spanish

Still image for this video


Mr Pastor taught us how to introduce ourselves in Spanish. We practiced this with our friends!