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History - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Cross-curricular links with history

Geography is an integral part of history as land use and location are central to why certain historical events happened. Many of the tasks our children tackle in history lessons draw upon this understanding.

Each unit will look at an aspect of art from that era such as Roman pots and Maya tablets. This allows children to reflect on how art to help us build a picture about the past.

Through science each class looks at significant scientists and inventors, this is all linked to the children’s chronological understanding of the past, for example year 6 look at the Victorian inventor Thomas Edison’s invention of the electric light bulb when looking at the electricity unit.


History Trips, Visitors and Workshops

At St John XXIII we believe that fieldwork trips are highly valuable for cementing historical understanding and bringing history to life.  We are fortunate to live in an area rich in local history, and we look at the impact on the local area.

Experience Days

Experience days are an important part of the history curriculum at St John XXIII. Like partaking in fieldwork, experience days give pupils the opportunity to immerse themselves in the past.




How is History currently taught across Key Stages?

Across the whole school, there are four key historical learning intentions that the children will explore over the course of their education at St John XIII:

·     To investigate and interpret the past.

·     To build an overview of world history.

·     To understand chronology.

·     To communicate historically.


As they develop these skills in a range of contexts, so too will they develop the ability to be independent learners, using the key historical skills they have gained to analyse, question and compare sources of evidence to form their own judgements about the past. Children learn to make links and form a life-long love of investigating, enquiry and questioning.  


History Curriculum Policy

History Curriculum Overview

History Long Term Plan