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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Autumn 1

Becoming a Well-Being Ambassador

Children from Year 5 submitted applications describing why they should undertake the role of a well-being ambassador. The children selected were brought for training with MIND, in order to best prepare them for the role they'll have within our school, supporting the school's work surrounding well-being.

Victorian Experience Day

The British Empire, largely influenced by Queen Victoria’s reign, was one of the most
powerful empires the world has seen. Year 5 spent a day learning all about the British Empire and
the Victorian era, and how it impacted our modern lives.

Building Bridges

In Year 5, we looked at how our STEAM skills can be applied to multiple careers in life. We learned about an engineer who works with designing and building bridges and dams. We designed and built bridges and we worked to ensure our bridges supported weight.

Art - Clue Hunt

We looked at various portraits and self-portraits, using clues to identify which painting they were in - all inspired by Victorian times!

Author Visit

Emma Juhasz came to visit our school to show her newly published book - What Football Job Can You Do? is an enthusiastic, friendly and loving book aimed at delivering information and advice with no shortage of happiness. There is no doubt that Emma Juhasz has a passion for football, but it's the wholly natural way with which she delivers this message that makes this guide such a treat.

Collective Worship

We gathered as one to spend time with God. Our children chose key scripture and the mission we as Catholics should undertake as servants of Christ.


We've been using persuasive language and discussing our opinions, focusing on the story of Street Child.

English - Presentations

Year 5 spent time researching Victorian Britain - inspired by our text 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty - and created presentations on the information we learned.

English - Sentence Work

We began our time in Year 5 by reviewing sentence structure - and adding in speech marks, to show when our characters were using their voice to speak.