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Year 5B Class Assembly

On Thursday, Year 5B delivered a fantastic assembly on our Catholic Social Teaching focus for this half term: Dignity of Workers.


The children taught us what dignity means and what dignity at work looks like. They told us about what it was like for workers during the Victorian era which they had researched as part of the their reading of Street Child in English. Year 5 told us about the terrible and unfair working conditions during this time and about how this all began to change with the Dock Workers' Strike of 1889.


5B also introduced us to organisations who are fighting to protect workers' rights around the world as there are still many countries who do not provide dignity for their workers. The Fairtrade Foundation is one of these organisations that fight for fair pay for farmers who are often not paid fairly for the products they grow.


The children all worked so hard to practice and learn their lines which were delivered confidently and clearly.


A great assembly which ended with a superb rendition of Mozart's Serenade in G-Major.


Well done Year 5B!