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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Autumn 2

Year 5 have been Super Science Detectives designing and testing out their inventions. Using their knowledge of forces, they created parachutes to transport an egg safely when dropped from a height. Some came down safely, while others went splat! on the ground blush

Hot Seating

Talk about being in the hot seat! Year 5 thought from the perspective of a character in Street Child 'Rosie,' and created questions that they would like to ask her and her possible responses. Then we acted it out to immerse ourselves in the book!

Year 5 learnt about what life was like for Victorian Children who were made to work aboard coal barges. They took a snapshot from a scene and Freeze Framed it! 

Year 5 have been caught in the act! Researching the lives of Victorian Working Children and creating presentations for their work. The children presented their findings beautifully and realised that life was quite hard in Victorian times, especially for the young.

Hands on Maths

Year 5 had their hands full during Maths as they used manipulatives to solve column addition problems. The place value charts helped them to keep track of their calculations, exchanges and place value columns.


During our unit on Creation, Year 5 put a lot of thought into how they could live out the Catholic Social Teaching of Dignity and Community and Participation at school and in the community. They decided to create a display to explain what they do 'As One of God's Hands' to make these better places.

Call the fashion police! 5H won a trophy for best dressed in the entire school! They can be seen celebrating their efforts and relishing in their successes. What a thrill!

Year 5 investigated how they could design a pulley system to bring tomatoes safely up and down a Nepalese mountain side in order to improve the lives of the people living in the community. They used wood, string, glue, straw and a container to create a stable and efficient pulley that could get the tomatoes from point A (the countertop) to point B (The floor) and back up again without dropping any tomatoes! Well done Year 5 for using your Science, Art and Engineering skills to help out others across the globe.