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Sports Day

This week KS2 enjoyed their first official Sport’s Day in three years due to restrictions. Back at the Linford Christie stadium, it would be the first time that majority of the children would run on a track. Mainly overcast with a gentle westerly breeze moving across the fields, conditions were ideal for the occasion. 

Initially they would have the chance to enjoy a range of field events, some more traditional with the likes of high jump, long jump, triple jump and javelin.  There was also a chance to sample some different activities with golf, archery and Tug of War being a real highlight amongst the masses.  Whilst some found some initial challenges, it was great to see a range of children being able to explore some new techniques and Sports, giving them the chance to build on these outside of school if they wish.

Once a full rotation of the circuit was completed, it was time for the classes to sit back, relax and watch the races commence. Every child from the four year groups would have the chance to race in front of the school with each race carefully selected for competitive purposes. They were fast paced, exciting and appreciated welcomingly by the raucous crowds. A special mention to Zoe Dore and Junior Williamson-Bain who won both of their respective 70 m sprint and also their 400m race that comprised of a select group of athletes from each gender.

A Sport’s Day wouldn’t be complete without the participation of a slightly older generation of athletes. It was time for teachers and parents to dust off some cob webs and put on a show of their own. A fiercely competitive parent race saw ex pupil Ebony Shepstone James take the glory in the female event, whilst Mr Williamson – Bain showed a great turn of pace to take the Dads. As we were organizing the children to head off to the park, it was deemed somewhat questionable that the teachers were seemingly shying away from a race of their own. With a little ‘gentle’ encouragement from Queen B we managed to rally a race of 9 members of staff together for the grand finale. Neck and neck until the end, dark horse Mr Pasteur pipped Mr Booth to the post to end what was a fantastic day of activities and entertainment with a few members of staff definitely suffering from a touch of sunburn.

Thank you to the parents for contributing so much to what was a lovely day for the pupils and staff alike. There was a great close community feel to support and celebrate the children in what has been an incredibly successful year for the school.