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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Spring 1

Computing - Microbits 

We have been practising our coding skills this half-term and to conclude our coding lessons we used coding on Purple Mash to programme our microbits. The micro:bit is a pocket sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together. We programmed music to play and LED lights to flash using our coding skills. 

Safer Internet Day

During Safer Internet Day, we learned about how to create a positive digital footprint. A digital footprint is the trail of data we leave behind when using the internet - it’s a way of tracking our online activity. We learned that our digital footprint has just begun and that we must be careful with what we post, share and say online.

Visit to the Food Hub (6G)

After hearing about their inspiring work, we were delighted to see it for ourselves.  

Urbanwise (6G)

In this week's Urbanwise session, we designed posters to promote the amazing work of our local community food hub! 

Faith in our Future - Fundraising Day (6G)

6G completed a sponsored run as part of our 'Faith in Our Future' fundraising day. A huge thank you to all our sponsors - who will be pleased to know we were all suitably exhausted by the time we had finished!

Faith in our Future - Fundraising Day

Our sponsored event was litter picking. 6T took to the playgrounds of White City today, armed with litter pickers and bin bags. We picked litter in the park next to our school and then moved on to Wormholt Park and filled 10 bin bags in an hour. Of course we then had to revel in our hard work and test the playground out for a few minutes. Great work! 

6T at BBC Studios

6T had the pleasure of visiting The Television Studios in White City. We were given an informative talk about how the studios are made and changed, how the lights and cameras operate and most importantly how everything is done sustainably. Then, we were shown around the studios where Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, This Morning and Good Morning Britain are filmed. It was a show stopping experience! 

White City Community Food Hub (6G)

6G welcomed Fr Richard to hear about the amazing work of the White City Community Food Hub to help those in need in our local community. 

Science - Electricity 

We began our Science topic - electricity - and we made circuits using different electrical components. We recapped our learning from year 4 and drew circuits using scientific symbols for electrical components. We were able to discuss why the circuits would not function and we corrected the circuits.

Collective Worship

We pair up weekly to carry out Collective Worship in our classrooms.

We plan our worship carefully.

We do this in 4 parts:

  • Gather
  • Listen to the Word of God
  • Reflect on the meaning of the Word of God
  • Create a Mission for our day to be empowered by and bring the Gospel to life

Children's Environmental Parliament (6G)

6G are taking part in Urbanwise's Children’s Environmental Parliament. The project is taking place from January to March for 5 Year 6 classes in Hammersmith and Fulham and 5 from Kensington and Chelsea primary schools.

We will be choosing our own topic to increase our understanding of  local democracy and environmental research. At the end of the project, some children will be invited to present their project to their peers and invited guests at the council chamber in Kensington Town Hall. 

Investigating Static Electricity (6G)

In Year 6 we will soon be starting our new science topic of electricity. Therefore, our STEAM room investigation offered a great opportunity to recap our previous learning about electricity, in addition to exploring some of the concepts and skills we will be encountering in our new topic.

Year 6 Trip - Imperial War Museum

Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum to consolidate their learning about The First World War and immerse themselves into their new topic - World War II. Founded while the First World War was still raging, it gives voice to the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people forced to live their lives in a world torn apart by conflict.

We visited many exhibitions including: Spies, Lies and Deception  (over 100 years of intrigue, deceit and real-life secret agents), The First and Second World War galleries & many more.

It was a truly enjoyable day! 


History - World War II 

We began our topic of WWII by role-playing as ‘The Big 3’ and Germany at the Treaty of Versailles. We experienced some heated negotiations in 6T but we remembered that we needed to come to some sort of compromise so that World War II wouldn’t begin…if only 6T lead negotiations back then, it might have been a very different world.

Science - Living Things and their Habitats

To finish off our topic, we researched information about Carl Linnaeus - the creator of the Linnaean System of Classification. We learned that without his system many of our living things today would not be easily classified. We then presented our research to the rest of the class and we peer assessed each other’s speaking and listening skills. 

Computing - Coding

We began our topic ‘Coding’ this week and used ‘Scratch’ as our starting point. We watched tutorials and learned the important skills necessary to ensure our ‘Sprite’ (character) was able to come to life.

Coding (6G)

As part of our computing work, we programmed our own jumping game! 

Collective Worship (6G)

6G led the first class assembly of 2024. We recalled Pope Francis' New Year message, urging us to entrust 2024 to the Mother of God, who knows our needs and always intercedes to make grace overflow in our lives. 

Investigating Microorganisms (6G)

As part of our learning about microorganisms, we investigated whether yeast is a living thing. We proved that yeast does meet the requirement for living things to respire with the aid of a balloon!