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Parish Links

Our Lady of Fatima, White City


We are very fortunate to have the church of Our Lady of Fatima as our neighbour with Fr Richard Nesbitt as our School Priest. 

We have a very close relationship with the Parish, with many of our pupils and staff attending and being a part of the Parish's life and celebration. Fr Richard is very present at our school too and at least once a week will visit the school at home times to pop by and say hello to everyone. 


Every Monday morning a different class attends Mass at Our Lady of Fatima and all of our end of term Masses are held at the church. On special occassions we also attend Mass such as for our Class Saint days or special Feast Days. 


To support our RE Curriculum and develop our faith we often visit Our Lady of Fatima and Fr Richard during RE Lessons. We are able to find out much more about our faith, the Catholic Church, the order of Mass,  the special religious objects, religious signs and symbols and the Sacraments. 


Many of us visit Our Lady of Fatima Church in the morning just before the school gates open with our famillies to say a quiet prayer and light a candle to start the day. Fr Richard always warmly welcomes everyone to do so. 




St Aidan's, East Acton


Fr Mark of St Aidan's is also a special friend of St John XXIII RC Primary. 

Our older pupils in Key Stage 2 attend Mass at St Aidan's each term too. 

Many of our pupils attend St Aidan's and take part in the life of the church- you will see them as altar servers and taking part in the Mass. 



Learning through Christ 


As we have such a close relationship with our Parishes, Fr Richard and Fr Mark will often come in to visit us to help in our learning or we will visit them at the Church.  This provides pupils with an invaluable opportunity and experience to find out more about their faith and ask those tricky questions!