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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

22.04.22 Earth Day

Earth day was a very special celebration as a school on Friday 22nd April 2022. Children wore blue and green and were going to carry out some 'Earth Day' activities in the afternoon.


Prayer for the Earth:

The day started out with a visit to the church. Tying up with Spirituality week, we have been learning about sustainability and how to care for the world God has made. Father Richard things that we as humans do to harm the planet at times. He also discussed things we can do better!


Time Capsule:

The children are taking part in a Time capsule experience right here at St John XXIII! This caused a lot of excitement. The children watched a 'Peppa Pig' video explaining how a time capsule works. This was a big blast from the past for most of Key stage 2 children! Our time capsule is going to be unique as we are dedicating it to 'Earth Day' and our hopes for the world in 2042, 20 years from now! We will be burying the time capsule somewhere in our school. The children will have to come back in 20 years to remember how they felt about the future earth at this age!


Earth afternoon:

Each class had a different book themed on how they can make a difference on the planet! Here are the books below, incase you would like to read again:


Nursery: Charlie and Lola: Look after your planet by Lauren Child

Reception: Clean up by Nathan Bryon & Dapo Adeola


Key Stage 1:

Y1: Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker and Zoe Persico

Y2: The bear in the stars by Alexis Snell


Key stage 2:

Y3: Stuff by Maddie Moate

Y4: How you can save the planet by Hedrikus van Hensbergen and Robert Macfarlane

Y5: Climate rebels by Ben Lerwill

Y6: The extraordinary life of Greta Thunberg by Devika Jina

The children did get really involved in these activities, most involved some lovely Art activities. Please enjoy the pictures below.


Earth day assemblies:

On Monday 25th the children will attend assemblies provided by 'ECOACTIVE'. They will be teaching the different key stages about different things. Can you share some of your learning based on the topics below?


Upper key stage 2 (Y5 and 6): Wild Cities

Lower key stage 2 (Y3 and 4):  Food Waste and Compost 

Key stage 1 (Y1 and 2):  Waste and Recycling