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Year 6



Everyone all arrived safe and sound.  The children were not as excited when they realised they had to carry their own bags and unpack and ensure their clothes were neatly folded!  After they settled in, they were taken on a tour of the site where all rules and safety procedures were explained.  Then they collected firewood for the bonfire before going to dinner.  After dinner it was too wet for the bonfire so they had a movie night instead!  This morning, they did archery and rock climbing (separately!).  Mr McCormack is happy to report everyone returned safely!  Next they went off to complete their raft building course and test it in the waters ......

Y6 PGL September 2019

Y6 PGL September 2019 1
Y6 PGL September 2019 2
Y6 PGL September 2019 3
Y6 PGL September 2019 4



Raft building was a lot wetter than the children expected!!  After drying off, they stocked up on sugar for the long week ahead.  Then it was time to ink up for a late night expedition in the woods, they played ambush in the dark and thankfully it was a draw!  Everyone was very tired and happy to get to bed last night!


Picture 1



We continued our adventures with zipwires and abseilling in the morning when we were surprised by the arrival of Mrs Cunningham and Ms. Beaumont!  After lunch, we tested our balance and agility with the low-level ropes course and then learned how to survive in the wilderness with a survivor activity.  Next, we had ANOTHER trip to the shop before heading off for the late night campfire where we played games, told stories, sang songs and even got to roast some delicious marshmellows!   Mmmmmmmm !



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Welcome to Year 6!


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