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Mental Health Day October 2021

Often in Year 1, we discuss using kind words with others. This is inspired by one of St John XXIII's golden rules "We care for everyone and everything!" Our mental health lesson during October did have a focus on using kind words.


The children were told that behind the door they would see a picture of someone. They then had to say something kind about the person they saw e.g. "This person is fantastic at drawing!" The children were very excited! 


However there was a little twist! What the children didn't know is that behind the door was actually a mirror and they had to say something kind about themselves! This activity definitely surprised a lot of children! They each got a lovely surprise as they saw the mirror and then shared their kind words about themselves! We heard some lovely compliments! Here are some samples below:


This person is nice.

This person is good at sharing.

This person is really fast at running!

This person is good at cheering up their friends.


After the activity, the children were asked if any of them would like to change their compliment. They really enjoyed this unusual lesson and it finished with a reminder of how important it is to use kind words with others and ourselves!