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Autumn 2

Experience Day - The Great Fire of London

Welcome to 1666! We started the day in the bakery making some delicious bread. Then we learnt a little bit about fire safety and how fire can be prevented. We created some artwork based on the Fire of London using red, orange and yellow tissue paper and black silhouettes of the buildings. By the end of the day, the bread was ready to eat and it got the Y2AP seal of approval! yes

RE - The Annunciation

We have been learning about the Annunciation in RE this week. We acted out the story of the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and also the angel that appeared to Joseph in his dream. We discussed how Mary and Joseph would have felt and how they trusted in God. We understood that when we are scared or worried, we can trust in God too, just like Mary and Joseph did.

Collective Worship - 7th November

Maths - Adding by making 10

English - Acting Out Rapunzel