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Refill Stop

A message from the Refill Stop directors team.


Year 5 are launching our very own refill shop. Opening on

Thursday 18th April,

Refill Stop will be a shop entirely run by Year 5. We have all taken on different positions within the company; from sales to finance, marketing to stock control.


This is a part of the Pupil Profit initiative which aims to give us children a chance to learn and practice valuable skills such as problem solving, effective communication, leadership and teamwork - all vital skills for our future careers in business.


We have spent quite some time writing our business plans, branding our company and preparing for the launch. We hope you will come and support us on launch day.


One person, big difference


Sophia, Santiago, Klaevon and Victoria

Refill Stop Company Directors


P.S. We would love to hear from you!

If you have a spare 2 minutes, please fill in this market research survey. This will help us to better understand our customers and what you want from Refill Stop.


When and Where

Refill Stop will open on Thursday 18th April at 3:10 in the School Playground by the India Way gate. It will then be open every Wednesday after school.


How does it work

All you need to bring is an empty 500ml container which we will fill with the liquid soap of your choice. Don’t forget your payment method of choice; we accept card payments. (Family discounts NOT available).


What’s on Offer

Refill Stop will provide White City with its first refill shop. We specialise in liquid soaps and you can refill a variety of liquid soaps at our shop. Our soaps are all organic and available in a range of luxurious scents.


Our range of products will include:

  • Hand soap (£2.50 per 500ml)
  • Body wash (£3.00 per 500ml)
  • Shampoo (£3.00 per 500ml)
  • Hair conditioner (£2.75 per 500ml)
  • Laundry liquid (£2.50 per 500ml)
  • Fabric conditioner (£2.25 per 500ml)
  • Washing up liquid (£1.75 per 500ml)
  • Various organic soap bars
  • A range of organic fruit snacks


Our full range of products

Meet the Refill Stop team