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Science Week 22-23

This year's British Science STEAM Week focus is....

There are many connections in Science!


-How we connect with Science.

-How we work with others to work on Science - Nearly all innovations in science, technology, engineering and maths are built on connections between people; two (or more) heads are better than one, after all!

-Seeing ourselves as scientists and scientists who share similarities with us.

-How we interact with the world around us and our impact on Earth Sciences.


You could discover the different ways connections appear across all areas of science.

Skills STEAM leaders need


There are many skills needed to be a confident and successful Scientist or STEAM leader, most important of which are positivity and perseverance! Just as our theme is 'connections' we must make connections with others to brainstorm, connections with our learning to discover, connections with a broad range of Scientists to learn from and look up to and connections with our surroundings. We make 'connections' in our lives everyday, whether that's at school through our learning journey, at home through our Science Bags or outside in the world. In class all week and at the Science Assembly, children were asked to share what skills they thought Scientists or STEM leaders needed or that they will need for a Science or STEAM related career and they came up with fabulous ideas.


Below are some we and the Scientific Community believe are the most important:


This week involved us partaking in a whole school project 'Sending a message across the school using 'Connections' and some CREST Award activities.

Reception - Make a boat to send a message across water

This week Reception also ventured outside to create rolling structures to test speed, angles and forces.

Year 1 - Sending a message using different materials

Year 2 - 

Year 3

Year 4 - Send a message over a distance using string cups

Year 5 - Sending a message using forces (Catapults)

Testing Phase 1

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Testing Phase 2

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Testing Phase 3

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Fantastic Fingerprints


Year 5 also explored fingerprints and how unique they are for each person. We investigated how to print 'fingerprints' as the police do for identification purposes and how to identify which type of fingerprint we have: Swirl or Loop.

Year 6