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Year 4 Spring 1 Gallery

Panathlon Champions

RE - Presentations

We have been focusing on our Oracy skills a lot this term. We made presentations about the 12 apostles and presented them to the class.

DT - Pavillions

We have been learning about what a pavilion is and their purposes. In teams, we explored temporary frame structures using toothpicks and blue tack. In order to do this successfully we had to think carefully about creating strong and stable shapes. 

Art - Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'

To end our unit of 'Elements of Art', we developed our scream portraits inspired by Edvard Munch, incorporating light, space and design techniques. We added lots of bright colours using oil pastels. 

Science - States of Matter

In our first lesson of our new unit 'States of Matter', we worked as a group to demonstrate the differences in the particle arrangements of solids, liquids and gases.

Thursday 6th January - The Epiphany

In RE this week, we learned that the Epiphany is the feast day that celebrates the revelation of Jesus Christ to the Three Wise Men. This is celebrated every year on January 6th. We created our own crowns to remember the 3 Wise Men/ 3 Kings on this special day and wore these to Mass with the rest of our school community.