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Year 6 Trip to The Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum Trip

On Monday, Year 6 travelled to Lambeth to visit the Imperial War Museum.  We were able to link all of our learning about WWI so far with real artefacts such as weaponry and army uniforms as well as experience a walk through the trenches.  We took part in an activity to help us launch our new topic WWII by becoming documentary crews and filming a mini-documentary about WWII using all of the items on display.  Ask us about WWI or WWIII at home or around school - we are experts!  


Thank you to our lovely parent volunteers who braved a very cold day out in London to help us learn!


Did you know that soldiers fought and lived in trenches which were ditches dug out of the ground? The land between the two opposing sides trenches was called ‘No Man’s Land' and over 2,490 kilometres of trenches were dug during WWI.


Year 6 outside the IWM

Year 6 outside the IWM


An Anderson Shelter

Anderson Shelter


WWI Propaganda Posters 

Propaganda Poster