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Autumn 1 Gallery 2021



This half term our topic  was 'Self-Portraits'. We looked at the realism movement that followed the romanticism era in which artists revolted against the emotional and exaggerated theme. We explored a variety of paintings that depicted the world as it really was and analysed what the artists were trying to convey. We also looked at Eugeniusz Kazimirowski's painting 'Divine Mercy' showing Jesus as his true self before creating our on self portraits using photography showing the many sides to our personalities. 



This half term we focused on expanded our 'Spatial Sense'. We learnt about the lines of longitude and latitude, locating places on a map using coordinates. We also learnt about what the Equator is and the Prime Meridian. This linked to a lesson on time as we discovered the 24 hour time zone that the world is divided in to. We ended the unit looking at what map projections are and why we use them, using an orange to help our understanding.



Our topic is World War I, focusing on why it was known as the Great War. We have learnt about the causes of the first World War and evaluated their relevance, looking at how geography influenced the system of alliances. This led to a trip to the Imperial War Museum where we looked at artefacts from this time period as well as World War II models to prepare us for our topic to follow.

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