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Feast of St Joseph the Worker

At St John XXIII, each class has a Saint that they keep as their class-saint. Children learn about the lives of these Saints and they are often a source of inspiration when we think about the remarkable way they followed Jesus throughout their life. Year 6’s class Saint is St Joseph, Father or Jesus and we celebrate his life as ‘the worker’ on May 1st. St Joseph was a carpenter: he knew the importance of hard work and this hard work was carried out to care for Jesus. This year Year 6 have been working exceptionally hard as they prepare for their SATs examinations but we also know that our hard work, our talents and our successes are a gift from God and Jesus is there to help us when we find things difficult. On the feast of St Joseph the Worker we celebrated Mass as a class and thanked God for all our successes, we also hope that like St Joseph, we will be able to always devote ourselves to our work and be secure in the love of Christ, just as St Jospeh was.