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Year 2 Spring 2 Gallery 2022

Coding Workshop for Science Week

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What an exciting opportunity to find out all about coding and robots for Science Week!

RE- Letters to Fr Richard about The Mass

In RE we have been learning about 'The Mass'. After attending Mass at Our Lady of Fatima, and also visiting the church to learn more about Mass with Fr Richard we decided to write letters to him to thank him for helping us to learn so much about the Mass and to share what we had learnt! Fr Richard then very kindly came in to answer some of the questions we had asked him in our letters. 

Shakespeare Week!

For Shakespeare Week we have been looking at The Tempest. We also took part in a drama workshop based on A Midsummer Night's Dream!

We know lots of fantastic facts about William Shakespeare too so come and ask us some facts about him!

Roy Lichtenstein Comic Art

In Art this term we have been looking at using different materials to create a piece of art. In groups in 2C and as a whole class in 2A we are working on creating HUGE pieces of artwork based on the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein. 

Our mathematical vocabulary for shapes is bursting at the seams! We have learnt lots of new vocabulary to describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. 

Maths - Block Diagrams

We have enjoyed exploring different ways to present data in Maths. We can use tally charts to count up data we collect and can read data from different charts and graphs. 

PE - Gymnastics

We are continuing to work on our core and balance skills in gymnastics. 

Geography - Compass Directions

Using a compass has been great fun and has really helped us to use the correct vocabulary when learning all about Northern Europe in our topic this term! 

We have enjoyed exploring money this term, especially in a world where the use of coins and notes is disappearing and everything is contactless these days! 

We can identify coins and notes and can are even beginning to work out the value and total of different coins. We tested this out by going on a local trip to Sainsbury's and deciding what we could buy in pairs when we have just £1 to share. 

Next time you need a hand with your shopping, let us know! We are experts at knowing what we can buy for £1 and what would give you the most value (the 4 double chocolate chip muffins are definitely recommended!).