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Summer 1

Grouping Animals

Our Science Topic this term is Animals Including Humans. We became scientists and grouped animals. We chose our groups, for example, some of us grouped them by how many legs they had. After that, we found out that scientists put animals in to groups called: Mammals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians. We then moved our animals around to fit these scientific groups!


We have been working on Fractions this term! We learnt about halves and quarters and how we can find fractions of a number.

The Robot and The Bluebird

Year 2 acted out the story of The Robot and The Bluebird. We started by pretending to be the robot with the broken heart and we got dumped on the scrapheap. We thought about our feelings. When the bluebird arrived, we had to climb over mountains to get her to safety. We finally ended in the peaceful garden.

Spirituality Week