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Year 3 and 4 Mini Tennis Tournament

Year 3 and 4 - Mini Tennis Tournament


It was a hot humid day in Fulham and there was hint of pollen wafting through on the warm breeze. It would be the first competitive tournament for many of our children picked for the team and we also selected two Year 2 pupils who have shown great potential in PE lessons.

The courts were reduced to smaller mini sized areas with a smaller net to the ones found on a normal traditional tennis court. Volleys were not allowed and the serves had to be cross court but could be underarm. We would enjoy the red and yellow mini tennis balls which we find more Lower Key Stage 2 friendly.  The emphasis of the occasion was to have fun, show great sportsmanship throughout and foster a great interest in playing tennis. We would also be playing against 16 other schools as we looked to earn points within our league.

After some discussions of some rules and tactics we set about our work playing singles matches against Queen’s Manor A and B team, as well as our own A team playing our B team. All the matches were played in great spirit and although we had some great rallies with our opponents we were ultimately too strong. Our A team won 9 and lost 3, whilst our B team also returned the same points difference. Having won our group, we were placed 3rd overall and enough to win bronze medals, a fantastic return given our lack of experience.

The pupils had a great day and it was terrific that the event was such a success given our young squad. We showed a great sense of sportsmanship, maturity and respect to the umpires and coaches and also demonstrated a strong sense of team work. Special mentions to Victoria and Arabella who both won all their matches and thank you to Miss Rose for joining us for the day.