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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future


Curriculum Impact


Our approach to the curriculum results in a fun, engaging, and high-quality computing education.



In line with our Feedback policy, we aim to give as much feedback to children during the computing lesson as possible in order to have the most impact.


Portfolio of Learning

The quality of children’s learning is evident on our Shared Drive, a digital platform where pupils can share and evaluate their own work, as well as that of their peers. Evidence such as this is used to feed into teachers’ future planning and as a cross-curricular approach continues to be developed, teachers are able to revisit misconceptions and knowledge gaps in Information Technology, Computer Science and Digital Literacy when teaching other curriculum areas.  This supports varied paces of learning and ensures all pupils make good progress.



Every child leaves our school with mouse control, typing skills, keyboard shortcut awareness and file management. We have subject specialist staff who are passionate and confident in teaching computing and instil independence and a growth mind-set into our children.


Much of the subject-specific knowledge developed in our computing lessons equip pupils with experiences which will benefit them in secondary school, further education and future workplaces. From research methods, use of presentation and creative tools and critical thinking, computing at St John XXIII gives children the building blocks that enable them to pursue a wide range of interests and vocations in the next stage of their lives.