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Year 5 trip to the Planetarium

Year 5 enjoyed their visit to the Planetarium last Friday. We travelled over to Greenwich and had to climb a huge hill (not on the itinerary) to get there. 

When we arrived we were greeted by the Royal Observatory staff who took us off to our first activity: a workshop where we learnt all about The Moon. A real-life astronomer called Joshua led the workshop and taught us all about the phases of The Moon.

We then had our lunch and got a chance to see and stand on the Prime Meridian Line, something we had been learning about in Geography. This imaginary line, divides the world into the Eastern and Western hemispheres and so we were able to stand with one foot either side of the line: being in both hemispheres at the same time.

Finally, the thing we had all been looking forward to the most, the Planetarium visit. This involved sitting in the most comfortable, laid-back cinema-like seats and staring up at a dome upon which we saw the entire solar system. We were taken on a tour of our solar system by our astronomer guide, Jack, who took us to Mercury, the Asteroid Belt and Uranus amongst other places.

We had a great day and were all very sleepy on the train home.