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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Autumn 1

Investigating Exercise in 6G

The children in 6G investigated the effect that exercise has on their heart rate and recorded the results. We learned about the benefits to our health from regular exercise and practised the useful skill of checking our pulses!  

Self-Portraits in 6G

The children in 6G have used their sketching, colour-swatching and painting skills to produce their own self-portraits. 

Collective Worship in 6G

As part of our collective worship in 6G, the children have written their own prayers to reflect on what their faith means to them. 

Science - Animals Including Humans

Year 6 were learning about how water and nutrients are transported around the body. 
They created informative and interactive presentations, then they presented these to the class. 

Art: Self-portraits

Year 6 have been working with Lydia over the past few weeks to practise their skills in sketching, colour swatching and painting during their Art sessions. 

Science - Animals Including Humans - Making blood

We used different food to represent each component of blood. 

Staying Safe outside of school

We learned all about the dangers of strangers outside of the classroom by voting on different scenarios using “Emoji Go!” 

If anyone asks you to go,

Even someone you know,

If it hasn’t been agreed, remember: 


Author Visit & National Poetry Day

Author visit:

We were joined by author Emma Juhasz, who shared her new book “What Football Job Can You Do?”. She read some of her favourite parts of the book. It was a great insight into life outside of the pitch.


National Poetry Day:

6T logged on to an interactive zoom with schools from all over the country. Some schools shared their poems and we took part in some vocal warm-ups and confidence building exercises. 

Geography - Spacial Sense - Map projections

We made our own map projections to understand more about the difficulties cartographers faced in the past.

Child led Collective Worship in the classroom

We pair up weekly to carry out Collective Worship in our classrooms.

We plan our worship carefully.

We do this in 4 parts:

  • Gather
  • Listen to the Word of God
  • Reflect on the meaning of the Word of God
  • Create a Mission for our day to be empowered by and bring the Gospel to life