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Science Bags

Rayaan (Year 4C)- Liquid Density

"I used the pipette to layer different types of liquids into the test tube to show that they do not mix. Instead they lay on top of each other. If I shake the tube (demonstrated) some of the liquids mix like the water and washing up liquid but the honey stays unmixed at the bottom.





Maria (Year 4M)- Circuit maker

"I tried the circuit breaker with my brother first which worked because it lit up. Then, I attempted it with my tortoise and cat but this didn't work. I think my tortoise didn't work because it has a hard cold shell. I also think the cat didn't work because he has fur."


















Naomi (Year 4C)- The Volcano

"I decided to test different liquids in sparkling water to see if any would cause a reaction. I started by adding lemon juice because it was acidic but this did nothing. Then, I added a mixture of sugar and salt which still showed no reaction. When I added baking powder, it started to fix slightly and form bubbles but, when I added the vinegar it was like a volcano as it spilled out and onto my hand holding the test tube!"

Vinegar Volcano

Still image for this video
Naomi adding vinegar into her mixture of sparkling water, salt, sugar and baking powder.