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Year 4 - Crawford

Thursday 16th January 2019


In English, we have been writing reports on Chapter 11 of Charlottes Web. Over the last few days, we have been practising rehearsing our sentences orally and reading aloud with a clear and confident voice. We began editing our work to make sure that we had included all of the grammatical features we needed as well as up-level our descriptive vocabulary. 

Ochuko was one of many children who worked extremely hard to up-level his writing. He was so proud of his work he volunteered to read it aloud.


Ochuko reading his report with confidence!

Wednesday 15th January 2019


Our new topic in Science is 'States of Matter'. Today, we conducted an experiment in which we put chocolate in a test tube and then submerged it into different temperatures of water. We measured the rate that it melted and recorded this in a table.


Monday 2nd December 2019


In D+T, we have been making finger puppets that we can use to role play scenes from our class text Charlottes Web. We practised threading a thread and needle and creating different types of stitches before moving on to putting our animal puppet together.

Tuesday 26th November 2019


Today we had our STEAM day in which we had to design a basket for Red Riding Hood to carry an apple in. We analysed a variety of different baskets to figure our what would make a good one before choosing the most suitable materials. We worked in groups to design, build, test and evaluate a basket. We even made net diagrams of our baskets so that we could get more accurate measurements.


Tuesday 19th November 2019

Tuesday 19th November 2019 1 Adding the digits to equal 9
Tuesday 19th November 2019 2 Chimamaka's pattern
Today, we looked more into the different patterns we could see to help us work out the 9 times tables. Miss Crawford taught us the finger trick that we picked up really quickly! We also learnt that if you add the digits of a number and it equals 9, it must be in the 9 times tables. The only exception to this is 99... Later in the lesson, Chimamaka noticed a new pattern (Picture 2).

Monday 18th November 2019

Monday 18th November 2019 1
Monday 18th November 2019 2
In Science today we learnt about 'pitch'. We invited Mr Dalledone along to help us identify the types of pitch when using different instruments. We then had a go at making our own 'Pan Flutes'. We used paper straws and discussed how to create different pitch. 

Monday 14th October 2019


In Science our topic is Animals, Including Humans. In Year 4, our focus is on the digestive system and teeth. As a class we wanted to discover what is unhealthy for our teeth so we came up with the scientific enquiry 'What drinks affect our teeth the most?' We decided the liquids to test and discussed the independant, dependant and controlled variables of the experiment. Over the next week we observed the daily changes of the eggs before concluding.


Day 3:                                                                                               Day 9:

Day 9Day 3

Thursday 27th September 2019


Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at the most efficient ways to calculate addition and subtraction sums. We have practiced using the column method, the number line and even rounding the digits. Additionally, we have been using counters and Base 10 to verbally re-enact the process of carrying and exchanging.


Using Base 10 to exchangeProblem solving using the methods we have been practising