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Year 4 - Crawford

Monday 14th October 2019


In Science our topic is Animals, Including Humans. In Year 4, our focus is on the digestive system and teeth. As a class we wanted to discover what is unhealthy for our teeth so we came up with the scientific enquiry 'What drinks affect our teeth the most?' We decided the liquids to test and discussed the independant, dependant and controlled variables of the experiment. Over the next week we observed the daily changes of the eggs before concluding.


Day 3:                                                                                               Day 9:

Day 9Day 3

Thursday 27th September 2019


Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at the most efficient ways to calculate addition and subtraction sums. We have practiced using the column method, the number line and even rounding the digits. Additionally, we have been using counters and Base 10 to verbally re-enact the process of carrying and exchanging.


Using Base 10 to exchangeProblem solving using the methods we have been practising