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Year 4 - Crawford

Yoga- Friday 25th September 2020

At the start of our yoga topic we learnt how to say thank you to the sun by following the 'sun salutation story'. We have started to recognise the names of poses and have begun warming up every session with this sequence of poses. We focus on our breathing and on tensing our muscles to gain better balance. Today, we worked in groups to choose and sequence a number of yoga poses. We made sure they had a gentle 'flow' and modelled ours to the class before they repeated the sequence with us.

Slingshot Cars- Wednesday 14th October 2020


Today we finished assembling our slingshot cars ready to test next week. We glue gunned all strips of our car cover together and then onto the chassis before testing that everything was still functioning. 

Owl Pellet dissection- Wednesday 21st October 2020


Today we finished our science topic 'Animals, including Humans' by dissecting owl pellets to determine what their prey is. Last lesson we looked at food chains and discussed the words producers, prey and predators. We used the identification chart to help us determine what skulls and bones we had.


Vikings- Thursday 22nd October 2020


Today we finished our history topic on 'Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings'. We completed our assessment Big Question 'What impression did the Vikings give to those living in Britain?' before finishing with a quiz! To end the lesson, we played a revision version of snakes and ladders!



VIKING EXPERIENCE DAY- Wednesday 4th November 2020


Today we were Saxons and Vikings! We spent the entire day taking part in activities that celebrated the end of our topic. We started off with a STEAM session in which we had to make Viking Longships out of recyclable materials. After break, we took part in the 'Viking Games'. We has a spear throwing tournament, and arm wrestling tournament and then a Monks vs Vikings battle for the valuables. We ended the day with 'Tafl' a Viking board game meaning 'awful' and an Anglo-Saxon rune decoding session. The quickest group to decipher all of the riddles and discover the final spot were rewarded with the valuables!

Science: How does sound travel? - Monday 9th November 2020


In today's lesson we learnt about how sounds are made and how they travel to our ears. We began by carrying out mini investigations with drums and rice and then tuning forks, identifying that the bigger the vibrations the louder the sound, and the smaller the vibrations the quieter the sound. we then carried on to talk about particles within solids, liquids and gases that vibrate to create a sound e.g. it is the particle in a drum skin that vibrate to create sound when it is hit. We ended the lesson by looking at how these vibrations travel through our ear, eventually sending electrical signals to our brains!

Rememberance Day- Wednesday 11th November 2020


Today we held a 2 minute silence to remember those who lost their lives fighting in WW1 as well as those who survived during the difficult years. Afterwards, we made stained glass window poppies to display!


Gingerbread baking- Tuesday 15th December 2020


Today we baked and decorated our own gingerbread men! We weighed out the ingredients, mixed, kneaded and baked before decorating with icing. Whilst waiting for our turn we also had a range of mini Christmas activities to complete!