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Spanish Implementation


Spanish is taught by a member of staff with a bachelor’s degree in primary education, who has undergone extensive additional training in MFL pedagogy. Lessons, of 45 minutes in length, happen weekly and class teachers remain in lessons to observe and upskill themselves in the teaching of Spanish.


The current programme of study has been amended by the MFL specialist teacher based on the scheme of work for the Hackney Learning Trust, ensuring coverage of reading, writing, speaking and listening and building in opportunities for children to revisit knowledge at varying degrees of complexity at a variety of points throughout the four years of study. Lessons are intended to be active and highly focused, with children working as a whole class, in small groups, or in mixed-ability pairs to complete tasks at their individual level. Work is differentiated in a variety of ways to accommodate children in the same class who are all at different stages of their language-learning journeys. Activities consist of games, stories, songs, phonics, grammar and sentence-building activities, rhymes, role-play and dictionary work, to name but a few.


Children are encouraged to share their learning with parents, carers and other family members through the use of ‘take-home bags’ which are full of books and activities which can be used as additional resources to support learning at home. 


Our ‘International Week’ offer children opportunities to focus on particular aspects of the culture of Spain and the Spanish-speaking world and use their language in a real-life context.


In addition to the study of Spanish, children have access to extra-curricular clubs in Spanish and French which enables them to develop their fluency in other languages and draw linguistic comparisons to deepen their understanding of Spanish.