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STEAM Committee Investigations

STEAM Committee Investigation 1 - Smoky Homes

The STEAM Committee conducted their first investigation today! Thir first project was to team up with Practical Action, a foundation which works with indigenous communities and people in poverty around the world to help find solutions that can change their world. Smoky Homes tells the story of the Nepalese people who do not have access to the infrastructure of other developed countries, so they cook their food on make-shift stoves. This poses a huge number of risks to health and safety as the STEAM Commitee found out! From risk of burns to inhaling the equivalent of 400 cigarettes per hour due to smoke inhalation, cooking in Nepal is risky business. Our Scientific Question: How to create a stove that funnels smoke out of the home? Take a look at the investigation process and the models we made! Work to be proud of!