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Spring 2

Holland Park Ecology Centre

English - Instructions

In Year 2, we have been reading The Robot and the Bluebird. We have read part of the story and found out that the bluebird has travelled through the winter and is so tired she can go no further! We decided to help the bluebird and all birds around us by making bird feeders! We had to follow instructions carefully to make the bird feeders then we wrote our own instructions so that other people can make bird feeders too! This also links with our Science topic on Living Things where we have been learning about what animals eat.

Maths - Sharing

Year 2 are so good at sharing during play but didn't realise we could share in maths too! We are beginning division by practicing sharing counters between groups.

Year 2 had their Ancient Egypt Experience Day this week! We came in dressed as mummies, pharaohs and archaeologists and had a busy day filled with activities. We began the day by carrying our an archaeological dig to discover what Egyptian artefacts we could find. We also had a to work as a team to build a pyramid using paper and tape or spaghetti and marshmallows! After that, we created our own Egyptian jewellery including a gold collar and a bracelet with hieroglyphics. What a great day!


PS. What is a mummy's favourite type of music? 




WRAP music!!!