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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Year 4 - McCagh

Tudor experience day

Crest Activity


Shakespeare workshop

Mental health and wellbeing

We identified lots of different ways we could maintain good mental health and wellbeing such as exercise, sleep , good hydration, meditation and time spent with friends.


We learnt all about DNA and fingerprints and then practiced taking our own and identifying the patterns.


This term we have been learning all about fractions.

Remembrance day

We discussed the symbolism of the poppy and then made these poppies during our art lesson for the display by Mrs Gilmartins office.


We dissected Owl pellets as part of our food chains lesson to see what animals the owl had eaten. 


Today we finished making our Slingshot cars . We glue gunned the flaps of our nets down and then we raced them to see which was the fastest and evaluated the performance.

Inference Crime scene

We used our skills of inference to deduct from the clues left behind at the Crime scene who was responsible for stealing our class sweet jar