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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future


In Year 4, your children will taught by Mr Bridges and Miss Crawford whilst also being supported by our teaching assistants Mrs Foran and Ms Begum.


We encourage children to reflect on their learning, challenge themselves and make the most of different opportunities offered in school. Through exercising our different learning attitudes (resilience, responsibility, reflection, resourcefulness and reasoning) we aim for children to develop a learning mind set and to understand the skills needed to be a good learner. In the stimulating environments of our classrooms, we establish clear routines and have high expectations of each child to reach their full potential.



The children have moved a knowledge based curriculum with an emphasis on being taught key skills as they move through the rest of their primary education. Each subject will be taught individually and will look to consoldiate previous learning from earlier years to build and make links on these as they progress throughout the year. In History they will be studying the Anglo Saxons, Tudors and Stuarts which relates to previous learning on Kings and Queens in Key Stage 1. I Geography the children will start to develop their idea of Spatial Sense looking closely at lines and scales on a map as well as the Geography in their own area, being able to discuss the changes they noticed from maps in the past.  In addition the children, will delve into the understanding of Urban and Rural settings, deconstructing the different types of settlement we have accross the globe.


English lessons will tie directly into these topics as the children look to implement weekly grammar lessons into their writing. We will look to consolidate and expand Year 3 grammar as well as focusing on auxiliary verbs, adverbial phrases, fronted adverbials, direct speech, conjunction and words to link paragraphs depending on the purpose of the task. The children will be writing non-chronological reports, playscripts, poetry, letters, invitations, historical narratives to give them a chance to cover all the skills required by the end of Year 4. Spelling tests will happen once a week on Friday morning.


In Maths, children apply their understanding of the place value of whole numbers and fractions, measures, statistics and shape to real life contexts and learn to work systematically on maths investigations, often testing conjectures and developing reasoning skills. A key focus in Year 4 is learning, consolidating and applying multiplication and division facts. A big focus this year is on the children being able to adapt their thinking to reason and problem solve, adequately explaining how they are able to reach their answers using a variety of different strategies, checking techniques and Mathematical language.


In addition the children will be able to attend weekly music lessons and bi weekly PE lessons with QPR coaches. They will have the opportunity to take part in school fixtures and competitions in a range of sports and will also enjoy morning fitness sessions on Wednesday before school. They will also have an opportunity to attend meditation sessions with Mrs Rozycka and go to the church on Tuesday morning for prayer time.


We look forward to an action-packed year ahead and will send out reading lists connected to the topics in Topic lesson to boost and enhance the children’s knowledge and vocabularies which is crucial for their writing this year.  If you could help facilitate this at home by reading every night with your child and answering question which will challenge their thinking.


If you need any resources or help throughout the year, just ask and we will be able to help!