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Year 1 Experience Days 2021-2022

Around the world- Experience day- Summer 


Year 1 had a lot of fun today in school. It was fantastic to see a variety of different clothes, food and interesting objects in 1D and 1M. What a lovely way to celebrate all the diversity in our school! 


After 1D's assembly children returned to class to try a variety of foods from all over the world! (Thank you to the parent contributions!) Some children tried more than others but everyone was encouraged to try something new!


Year 1 watched a very funny movie called 'Around the World in 80 days' about a very adventurous frog and monkey! Following this the children learned a traditional Scottish dance with their amazing dance teacher Ewan! The children finished their day by learning Caribbean  'Banana song' with Mr Dalledone!

Our Space Experience Day -Spring 2.


Today our children had lots of fun exploring a space-themed day! The space theme linked in with our Spring one book called 'Look Up'  by Nathan Bryon. During this topic, children were intrigued by planets, meteors and outer space! We had lots of books based on space.


Today the children dressed up as aliens or astronauts and entered a classroom with stars on the ceiling!

They moved around the room all day to get involved with different space activites. For example: making star constellations or turning themselves into astronauts with pictures. The children also had a chance to play with water bead 'planets' and make some playdough spaceships. In the afternoon, 1D and 1M decorated some rocket-shaped biscuits and ate them! The feedback was good!


The children were definitely tired in the afternoon and were happy to sit back, relax and watch the very popular 'SPACE JAM!'

The UK Experience Day-Autumn 1.


We had a lovely day on Friday 22nd October celebrating all our learning about the United Kingdom and our reading book Halibut Jackson.


We spent our morning designing the palace from the story 'Halibut Jackson'. We used jewels, glitter and paint to design our palaces.


Before lunch we had some Northern Ireland fun! The children learned to sing a song in Irish called 'Rollaí Pollaí'. They also learned to say 'Is mise _________.' (My name is ________). They continued their learning by playing Gaelic football which was taught by Miss McPhillips. They got to see a lot of interesting jerseys from all over Ireland.


After lunch, it was time for our afternoon tea party. The children made some sandwiches and added some butter and jam to scones. There was a 'union jack' table where there were some lovely biscuits and treats. The children enjoyed their afternoon tea with a nice hot drink! "Tea or coffee anyone?"


When the food was all eaten, the children played some very fun party games and danced a lot! They seemed to have a really lovely day!