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Sister Sylvana handing out the Caritas Ambassador badges

On Tuesday, Year 5 were visited by Sister Sylvana and Nigel who came to hear all about the Caritas project that Year 5 have been leading in school.


Caritas are a Catholic charity that work within communities to support local needs. All of their projects are focussed around the six Catholic Social Teachings and supporting communities where these virtues are absent.


As a year group we decided to focus on the cost of living crisis and how this is affecting people in our community. Specifically, we decided to raise awareness of food poverty in our local area and support local food banks. We were visited by a volunteer from a local food bank who helped us understand more about how a food bank works and how they support people in our community.


In school we then raised awareness by leading assemblies, putting up posters and speaking to all the other classes about this issue and how it affects our local community. We then collected donations from across the school community and a small group took the food donations to the local food bank.


Sister Sylvana's visit was a great opportunity to tell her about the success of our project and what we had been doing. She also gave us some great ideas for how we could continue our project by focussing next on the issue of food waste.


Because of our hard work and commitment, we all received our Caritas Ambassador badges. We're looking forward to continuing our work for Caritas and taking our project forward.